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Fife Coastal Path - Winter Storm Damage

Friday, April 20, 2018
The Fife coast has constantly changed over the years in response to natural events and human interventions, including coal mining, mining waste disposal and various coastal defence works. While the recent severe weather incidents caused some significant damage, this is not unprecedented, and will continue to be a challenge in managing and maintaining the Fife Coastal Path. Climate change will in all likelihood increase these impacts from natural forces over the coming years.

The recent high spring tides and easterly winds, caused damage to the foreshore at Pathhead Sands while a section of the Coastal Path between Dysart and West Wemyss has suffered significant damage. There are other areas of minor damage, however the section of the coast between Pathhead Sands, Kirkcaldy and West Wemyss was particularly badly affected.

Fife Coast and Countryside Trust, working with land owners, local communities, Fife Council and other partners, will where physically and financially practical seek to repair the existing route. If it proves necessary, everyone involved will endeavour to ensure the Path is either re-routed or an alternative route found so the Path continues to fulfil its role at the heart of providing access to some of Fife’s most spectacular coast and countryside.

The Fife coast is a much loved, popular and valued countryside facility, with an estimated 3.36 million visits in 2015, contributing an estimated £214.8 million to the economy of Fife coast area.

The Trust’s Maintenance Team is working closely with the Wemyss Estate to resolve the issues with the Coastal Path near West Wemyss, while the damage to Pathhead Sands, where up to 6 metres of the dune system has been lost along with much of the dune fencing, this has been cleared by our Maintenance Team.

The ongoing issue of the vast amounts of litter, which was deposited along Fife’s coastline during the storms is being addressed by Trust staff working with community volunteers to organise litter picks. If you are interested in organising a volunteer litter pick, contact, the Trust can supply litter picking equipment and arrange for collection of litter.

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