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Seaside Awards 2016

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Fife Coast and Countryside Trust is inviting people from across the country to discover Fife’s stunning coastline this summer as it celebrates receiving 15 seaside awards.

With estimations of a record-breaking summer period to rival holiday destinations such as Spain and Cyprus ahead, visitors to the region can soak up the sun at one of Fife’s beautiful beaches.

Recognised for their picturesque landscape and well maintained coastline, 15 beaches across the Kingdom were granted a Seaside Award by Keep Scotland Beautiful this week. Viewed as the benchmark for quality beaches which are well managed and enjoyed by the public, these accolades show the wide array of superior coastlines across the region.

Pathhead Sands in Kirkcaldy is a newcomer to the list after a series of improvements which were required after the 2010 storms caused damage to the car park and pathways at the site.
Landscaping of the grassed areas and improved facilities have helped to make the site even more popular with walkers, beachgoers and the general public.

Valerie Telfer, Business Support Manager, Fife Coast and Countryside Trust said: “We are lucky to be surrounded by an incredible landscape here in Fife, and I’m delighted by the number of Seaside Awards which were presented to so many of our beaches, a testament to the tireless work of our Coastal Team.

“During the summer months we experience a high volume of visitors, and we look forward to welcoming even more people to discover the beauty Fife has to offer during the hopefully sun-drenched months ahead.”

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