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Trust Gifts Nest Boxes to Community Group

Tuesday, January 10, 2017
The Trust have made a donation of twelve bird boxes to the Cowdenbeath Environmental Group, who will site the bird boxes in Cowdenbeath Community Woodland, within the next few weeks. The 21 acre woodland is managed by the Woodland Trust and is popular with the local community for walking and running.


Ali Dziennik, a member of FCCT Maintenance Team has been working with volunteers from the Cowdenbeath Environmental Group for 7 years, helping deliver projects at a number of sites in the Cowdenbeath area including, Dalbeath Marsh, The Millennium Garden and the Community Woodland.

Robbie Blyth, FCCT Team Leader commented, ‘The voluntary work carried out in the Cowdenbeath Community Woodland area has created a fantastic habitat for wildlife, we hope that our donation of 6 Robin and 6 Blue Tit boxes, will further enhance this work with the creation of new nesting sites in the spring of 2017.’
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