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Wildlife Volunteers Record a First!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017
A new species of moth has been discovered in the Kingdom by Fife Coast and Countryside Trust wildlife volunteers.

The Yellow-Barred Brindle moth, most commonly found in north-west England and western Scotland was spotted by Geordie Guthrie, who is a volunteer with Fife Coast and Countryside Trust (FCCT) voluntary group, earlier this year.

Along with Bunty Johnstone and Derek Robertson, the trio were recruited in 2008 by Countryside Ranger Derek Abbott to collect wildlife data at Lochore Meadows, which is passed to Fife Nature Records, WeBS, the BTO, the Bumble Bee Trust and the Butterfly Conservation Trust.

Each of the volunteers spend three hours every week monitoring the wildlife for key trends and identifying behavioural changes in specific areas around the Fife coastal region. During autumn and winter, they record data on birds, with butterflies, moths and bumblebees becoming a central focus during the summer months.

Commenting on the volunteers’ work, FCCT Countryside Ranger Dallas Seawright said: “Our team of wildlife recorders have demonstrated their passion for nature by committing to a weekly survey of waterfowl during the winter months, changing to butterflies and bumblebees in summer.

“Wildlife records have been kept at Lochore Meadows since 1961, and their work provides an invaluable contribution to the preservation and maintenance of wildlife habitats in the Fife coastal area.”

To find out more about becoming a volunteer with Fife Coast and Countryside Trust and getting involved in the numerous volunteer activities available click here
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