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East Neuk path affected by weather this year

Friday, February 25, 2011
After a year of stormy weather, cold temperatures and high tides, our Coastal Path is in need of some repair. The section around the East Neuk has been particularly badly hit.

Fife Coast and Countryside Trust Ranger Deirdre Munro said “This has been a particularly difficult year for weather along the Coast. The storms in March and April, followed by a tough December and the heavy rains since Christmas have left some parts of the Coastal Path in a poor condition”.

“A significant amount of the path in this area goes through sites of special scientific interest (SSSI). It is often suggested that we tarmac the entire path to reduce the impact of poor weather but tarmac would have a severe impact on the biodiversity in the area, it would also be detrimental to the rural nature of this popular stretch of the path”

“We are currently trying to prioritise the worst areas and rectify those issues. Our maintenance team are working hard to bring the path back to the right standard. We are hopefully now starting to get better weather and this will allow us to work on repairing some of the damaged areas. We will do our best to ensure that those areas that offer a significant safety risk, for example, areas that are near cliff edges, are dealt with as a priority”.

“In the meantime, we would ask people to take particular care along the path and make sure they wear appropriate footwear”
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