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Night of the Bumblebee at the Scottish Fisheries Museum

Monday, August 8, 2011
Following the success of our Taste of Europe: Bread and Olive night, the Scottish Fisheries Museum is delighted to announce a Taste of Europe : 'Night of the Bumblebee'
on Wednesday, 10th August at the Museum in Anstruther starting at 7pm.

Entry is by donation to the Fife Coast and Countryside Trust and our tearoom will open for hot drinks and honey-scented snacks.

Our guest expert for the event is Derek Abbott, a ranger with Fife Coast and Countryside Trust.  Derek says - "I have a particular interest in Bumblebees and Honeybees. I have kept honeybees for more than a decade and conducted research on our feral honeybees and their decline.

The talk I will be giving is on honeybees and why keeping honeybees is one of the most environmentally friendly pastimes and crafts that anyone can take part in.

We will discuss various aspects of these fascinating creatures and look at the variety of products that they produce from stings to honey. We will delve into the lifestyle of these insects and touch on what has gone wrong in our environment

It is hoped that all will leave the talk with a better understanding of our Honeybees and why it is important to conserve these unique creatures."

Contact Jen Gordon at the museum to reserve a seat.
Booking suggested but not essential.

Tel: 01333 310628

Email:, Web: ,

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