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UK Physical Activity Guidelines

Friday, July 15, 2011
So many times we here excuses of not having the time, not being motivated and why do I need to exercise!  But research shows,  that physical activity has so many fitness benefits and can help with everything from gentle weight loss to cardiovascular disease.  Did you know that a brisk walk can help to strengthen your heart and lungs?

Several studies also have shown that walking can cut your risk of heart disease by half, protect against cancer and might even help to ease depression.  Not only that, but its completely free - and here in Fife we have an amazing network of routes to help you along the way. 

A new report just launched by the Department of Health outlines the clear link between physical activity and chronic disease.  The report covers activities from early years; children and young people; adults; and older adults.  There is something for everyone!

To download the report and read how you can get active click here.

We would love to see you out and about on the Fife Coastal Path, or for the more active walker, why not try climbing the Lomond Hills.

Happy Walking from all at Fife Coast and Countryside Trust.
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