Outdoor Learning

How can we help you make the most of Fife outdoors?

At FCCT we are passionate about the environment, we recognise that time spent outdoors will provide meaningful and memorable learning experiences that add relevance and depth to our lives and promote wellbeing.  We are happy to say that we now have increased capacity to bring more opportunities to the Fife communities we work in.

In January this year, FCCT welcomed Aidan Duncan, our new Outdoor Education Manager into the team.  This new role will enable FCCT to deliver on our aspirations for furthering outdoor education in Fife.

We are taking this opportunity to ensure that FCCT are aligned to national and local priorities and aim to broaden the reach we have within the community, and the range of services that we can offer.

Some of the areas we are developing include Learning for Sustainability, Accessing the Outdoors, Health and Wellbeing and Coastal Safety. We are also scoping the possibility of developing some training opportunities.

We are working hard on our new priorities, but the strategy is in its development stage and is not yet finalised. To stay tuned for updates and progress you can follow our social channels.

If you would like to get in touch with Aidan, you can email [email protected]