Explore the Wonders of Seaweed: A Coastal Foraging Adventure

Come with us on a coastal foraging adventure in this joint session with Jayson Byles of East Neuk Seaweed.

This free event is part of Restoration Forth and is a hands-on, two-hour exploration of the fascinating world of seaweed along Fife’s beautiful coastline.

Perfect for Restoration Forth volunteers, nature enthusiasts and anyone curious about the intertidal zone.

The location will be a beach in the East Neuk. This will be decided nearer the date of the event as this is determined by environmental factors.

What to Expect:

• Seaweed Identification: Learn to identify various seaweed species and discover their unique characteristics, seasons and applications.
• Foraging Tips: Gain insights into responsible foraging practices and the best times and places to find different seaweeds.
• Culinary and Beyond: Explore the diverse uses of seaweed, from traditional culinary applications to other uses in the home.
• Environmental Impact: Discuss the ecological importance of seagrass, our native oyster species and the seaweed we find, and how our interactions can contribute to a healthy marine ecosystem.

Why Attend:

• Deepen your connection with nature and the local environment.
• Learn how to be safe and respectful in the intertidal.
• Gain valuable knowledge about a readily available and sustainable resource.
• Meet like-minded people and share your passion for the coast.
• Be inspired to incorporate seaweed into your life in new and exciting ways.

No prior experience is necessary, just bring your curiosity and a willingness to explore!

Please note: this session will focus on identification, discussion, and foraging information. We will not be consuming or cooking any seaweed during the event.

Our coastal foraging adventure in the East Neuk will be over uneven terrain along the rocky shoreline. Therefore it is not suitable for people with limited mobility. Please wear appropriate footwear also.
The exact location will be emailed to those who book tickets nearer the date of the event.

If you book places but then can’t attend, please let us know by cancelling your ticket on Eventbrite. Or you can email ask.us@fifecountryside.co.uk or phone 01592 656080.

If you cancel your tickets, which have an associated payment/donation, you will be responsible for paying the Eventbrite administration fee.

Spaces are limited, so book your spot today!

  • East Neuk
  • Thursday July 25, 2024
  • Thursday: 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

If you are interested in joining us please sign up using the "Book Now" button

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