Welcome to Fife Coast & Countryside Trust

The Fife Coast and Countryside Trust is an independent charity working with partners for a healthy environment that supports wellbeing and sustains the balance between people and nature.

Spread across more than 70 sites, FCCT maintains the Fife Coastal Path, Fife Pilgrim Way, the Lomond Hills Regional Park, local nature reserves, and award-winning beaches. The organisation has its headquarters at Harbourmaster’s House in Dysart where it manages a coastal visitor centre.

Mission Statement 

Connecting Environment and People 


We lead in the care of Fife’s outdoors. Working together with you, we create a healthier environment that supports wellbeing and sustains the balance between people and the natural world.


We rely on the support and generosity of the public to fund our vital project work which helps to conserve and enhance Fife’s great outdoors.

Latest News

Friday, July 12 Jul 2024

River Leven Restoration Work Moves Into Next Phase

A key phase of improvements to the River Leven flowing through the heart of Levenmouth..


FCCT offer a range of events, activities conservation activities, guided walks and family friendly events to encourage the younger generation to develop a love of the environment.


We’ve got you covered

This section includes an extensive range of downloadable resources, including themed walks
and information leaflets, which are sure to enhance any visit to Fife.


News just in! Bottlenose dolphins off the coast of Crail, chasing shoals of mackerel. Thanks to Warden Ricky for the video.
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We're looking forward to meeting new contacts and collaborators at Go Falkland, the regenerative farming, forestry and food event for the whole of Scotland. On 17 and 18 July @falklandestate it gathers some of the world’s top thinkers and changemakers on the topic of sustainable farming. It aims to generate more interest and engagement to improve soil health, ensuring food security, boosting biodiversity and helping to fight climate change.

Look for the FCCT gazebo and meet Sarah-Jane Latto and Tom Quayle, who lead our Conservation and Engagement department, and James Gemmell who manages our Access and Recreation team.

They’ll be attending talks and workshops and would like to meet landowners and managers to find out about your nature restoration and countryside management projects. Learn about our own restoration projects, like the River Leven and the Dreel Burn. And find out about safe and responsible access to the countryside.

We look forward to being in the same space as some of our valued partners like @climateactionfife @greenactiontrust @thelevenfife @forthriverstrust @food4fife
For info and tickets, please visit https://falklandestate.co.uk/event/go-falkland-2024/ There are reductions for smallholders and community groups.
Read more about our nature restoration projects:
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Summer is peak jellyfish season. This is a Blue jellyfish spotted at Dalgety Bay. Always give jellyfish a wide berth. It's tricky to stay clear of them in the sea, but be mindful they are there. The Wildlife Trusts have an excellent page to help you identify what species you have seen.
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Red squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris) filmed by our countryside warden Tom at Glenvale in the Lomond Hills Regional Park. Looks like it's at the dinner table! Red squirrels love pine seeds and also enjoy hazelnuts and the seeds of larch and spruce. Fruit, tree shoots, bark, lichen and fungi are also on the menu.


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A Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary (Boloria selene) spotted by conservation officer Cristín in the Lomond Hills Regional Park. It likes damper, grassy habitats as well as woodland clearings and moorland. So named for the numerous, whitish pearls on the underside hind wings.

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