Markinch to Ceres

Fife Pilgrim Way is blocked by multiple fallen trees in Kilmux wood, between Bonnybank and Clatto Reservoir. Please follow the signed diversion route.


One of the most unspoilt sections of this historic route, the path to Ceres offers a treat for the senses. Enjoy breath-taking views and a spot of wildlife-watching while following in the footsteps of countless pilgrims over the Waterless Way.

Ceres – The night afore

The Waterless Way and the Coal Road have guided travellers to and from Ceres for centuries. For Medieval pilgrims, Ceres was the last overnight stop before St Andrews. Having journeyed on foot across miles of boggy, uneven ground, on constant high alert for robbers or worse, it is worth taking a moment to imagine how the weary travellers may have felt at this point.

The current parish church was built in the 1500s on the site of an earlier church, where the pilgrims may have offered prayers or received a blessing for their onward journey. As morning broke, the pilgrims would have regrouped and begun the final leg of their journey, straining their eyes for that first glimpse of the tall spires and towers of St Andrews.