Built in 1890 as a reservoir suppling water to the Haig Bottling Plant in Markinch, Coul Den is now a shallow loch with landscaped ponds, and an impressive path network.

It is an important site both for wildlife and for the surrounding community to enjoy. The site provides excellent opportunities for education and quiet recreation. There are rest areas around the loch and picnic areas near the car park and at the water’s edge. The walk around the loch is about 0.75 miles. For the more adventurous the site can also be a good starting point for a trek to the summit of East Lomond, about 2 miles away, reached by following the path leaving the north western corner of the site.

The site contains large areas of developing natural habitats that attract many birds, insects, and mammals. It is one of the largest areas of natural occurring β€˜Willow Carr’ in Fife. Amphibians thrive in the ponds with dragonflies and damselflies also abundant in summer. Common breeding birds you may see include Mute Swan, Coot, Moorhen and Little Grebe.

The site car park can be reached by turning north off Tanna Drive, Glenrothes. The site can also be reached by walking from the car park at the top of Moidart Drive.


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