News from Restoration Forth

Publish Date: Friday July 28, 2023

News from Restoration Forth

Enjoy this update from Restoration Forth. The project’s aim is to restore seagrass meadows and native oysters into the Firth of Forth, to create a healthier coastline for people and nature.

Fife Coast and Countryside Trust are a community hub for this project. If you’ve been getting involved, thank you for your time and enthusiasm!

Seagrass update
In March, many people helped to sow around 25,000 Zostera marina (Eelgrass) seagrass seeds into the Firth of Forth across three sites: Belhaven Bay, Pettycur Bay and Dalmeny’s Drum Sands. Some of those seeds have germinated! This is very exciting news and demonstrates the viability of the three sites, which we’ll continue to monitor.

We’ve also trialled transplanting 240 Zostera noltii (Dwarf eelgrass) plants on the Drum Sands.

Seagrass by Esther Thomsen


Oyster update
We’re planning to release oysters into the Firth of Forth in Autumn, when the air temperature is cooler (lower air temperature is safer for transporting oysters). Stay tuned for dates, events and opportunities.

In readiness for native oyster restoration in September, the project team joined project partners Heriot-Watt University in Wester Ross on a native oyster movement for the Dornoch Environmental Enhancement Project. They learned how to implement the biosecurity protocol for moving oysters to the Firth of Forth.

The Restoration Forth team visited The Wild Oysters Project at one of their native oyster nursery sites at Blyth Marina. Some wonderful species were found to be living amongst the oyster nursery, including shore crabs, butterfish, nudibranchs (sea slugs) and a four-bearded rockling.

Get Involved
There are many ways to get involved in ongoing citizen science across the coastline.

SeagrassSpotter is a tool for seagrass conservation. Submit your sightings of seagrass using this app and the Project Seagrass team will use the data to learn more about seagrass meadows.

Community Hub events

Fringe By the Sea Bioblitz in North Berwick
Friday 4 August
Scottish Seabird Centre, North Berwick Harbour
10am-3pm, drop-in
An action-packed celebration of marine and coastal wildlife. Stalls, sessions, and self-led activities that will help you to discover and protect our amazing marine environment.

South Fife Snorkel Trail Launch
Saturday 26 August
Ravenscraig beach, Kirkcaldy
The Ecology Centre, in partnership with the Scottish Wildlife Trust, will be launching the first snorkel trail in Fife. Joined by Restoration Forth, there will be a series of engaging events and stalls, all with a marine focus.

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