Fife Coast and Countryside Trust (FCCT) manage multiple sites across Fife, and many of these sites hold special memories for visitors and locals alike. We are often asked by friends and family how a loved one can be remembered at a particular location. Our Celebrations page has been designed to make people aware of the different formats ‘Celebrations’ can take and how FCCT can assist you to remember that special person.  

We recognise that members of a family or the wider community may wish to remember loved ones with a memorial placed in public open space, and we are happy to receive such requests. We want to offer support and encouragement to access the outdoors and will endeavour to facilitate memorials and ensure that processes are in place to allow memorials to mutually benefit both those requesting the memorial and the environment.

As Fife’s leading environmental charity, which cares for Fife’s natural environment, we would like to move away from installing memorial benches/plaques/specific sites and instead offer some alternative options, which we feel are more in line with our environmental credentials, but still offer those who have suffered loss a way to remember their loved ones while out in Fife’s beautiful landscapes.


How to make a memorial request

All requests for memorials should be made in writing to FCCT at ask.us@fifecountryside.co.uk. The applicant must demonstrate that the next of kin has given permission for the memorial proposed and provide their contact details. We will work with the applicant to identify an appropriate memorial and will do our best to accommodate the wishes of the applicant. It is possible that the sites we identify for a memorial might not meet the criteria specified by the applicant and that there may be a requirement to join a waiting list.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on 01592 656080 to discuss a memorial item, prior to submitting a written request. We are happy to talk you through various options.


Memorials We Can Support

Tree Planting Donation

We would always suggest a donation towards planting a tree as an alternative to memorial benches. This donation will go towards tree planting at one of our sites/projects in Fife. We will be able to communicate with families the location of their tree but not the exact one. Our hope would be that loved ones can know that their donation has gone towards improving a local woodland or community area by the addition of a native tree species. FCCT will maintain the tree in line with its current maintenance programme. Trees are usually planted from late Autumn to early Spring, which can impact on the timing of completing a memorial request.



This would be like any other event and an events application form would need to be submitted via Fife Council. Please allow plenty of time when submitting an event application to Fife Council. If the planned event is on private land, then consent would need to be sought from the landowner (e.g. in LHRP).

  • Events application form should be sent to fifeevents@fife.gov.uk
  • FCCT staff will work on behalf of the applicant to identify the landowner of specific sites.


Scattering of Ashes

Ashes should only be scattered with the agreement of the landowner. No permanent marker can be sited at the location. Contact Ask.us@fifecountryside.co.uk for help identifying a landowner. Advice on scattering ashes – Co-op Funeralcare (coop.co.uk)


Memorial Garden

In time FCCT hope to provide a memorial garden for quiet reflection, and for the scattering of ashes.


Leaving Items at Existing Memorials

When leaving tribute items at existing memorial sites, we would advocate that they should be made of natural materials with no plastic and all packaging being removed. Plastic items do not biodegrade and in time need to be removed.


Memorials We Do Not Support


It is not FCCT’s policy to add additional memorial benches to our sites. We may replace those that have fallen into disrepair, but these will not be marked as ‘memorial’, and we do not operate a waiting list for benches.

You can also contact Fife Council, who are keen to support the principle of planting memorial trees and installing memorial seating in our Parks and open spaces. To find out more visit their Memorial tree and benches webpage, where there is an online form ‘Ground Maintenance enquiry for a memorial tree or bench’.



FCCT do not allow the installation of stand-alone plaques or memorial plaques on our sites. Many of our sites are Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs) for various reasons linked to the specific flora, fauna, geology, geomorphology, or a mixture of these natural features that can be found there. The installation of plaques and memorials in these protected sites would be an offence under the Nature Conservation (Scotland) Act 2004.


Balloon Releases

Lanterns and balloons are a threat to wildlife, marine species, and farm animals. There are many documented examples where animals have eaten balloons or have become entangled in them leading to death. FCCT do not authorise balloon or lantern releases at our sites. There are alternatives that people may wish to consider such as www.doves-above.com


Other Types of Memorial

Applications for other types of memorials will be considered on a case-by-case basis. As a general rule, memorials should be standard open space features (e.g. shrubs or gates) rather than additional sculptures, pieces of art or other things that require repair or replacement over time.



On occasion FCCT are bequeathed monies in memory of a loved one, who had a particular affinity with a place that was special to them. This is handled through our Communications Team who will liaise with the staff responsible for the site management.



FCCT are happy to receive donations. These can be made by a individual for themselves or on behalf of others, for example a donation for tree planting as a gift for a friend. Donations can be made via Just Giving, a link for which can be found on our website. We would ask that taxpayers consider ticking the gift aid box when making a donation via Just Giving. Alternatively donations can be made via BACS.