The Pilgrim Pastor

January 10, 2024

My name is Duncan Weaver and I am that Pilgrim Pastor appointed and funded by the Church of Scotland and the Episcopal Church. Since my appointment in November 2022 I have been seeking to get people walking along the Pilgrim Way and as they do so to take some time to ponder and reflect about their lives.

In my first year I estimate that I walked the whole Pilgrim Way six times as I led a whole variety of people on Pilgrim Walks long and short. People of all ages and fitness levels, of faith and of no faith have walked with me including a boy’s brigade company. The groups have varied in size and some have been inspired to keep coming back so that they can proudly say that they have walked the whole of the Fife Pilgrim Way.

Those who have walked with me have sometimes been surprised by the unexpected beauty of the different stages as well as discovering something of the rich history of this Kingdom land. It has also been great to see the friendship and support that has developed in such groups and the richness of conversations.


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Part of my role is to encourage the churches along the route to not only use the Fife Pilgrim way as a resource for spiritual growth but also use it as an opportunity to support those who are walking the way. Many of the churches are in the process of working on how best they can support pilgrims, especially those walking over several days, and there are some interesting developments in progress. St  Markinch Church of Scotland is now staffed and opened from April to October each day to welcome all and offer the use of facilities as well as information and chance to look around this historic church.

Ceres is also open daily and this church as well as others are looking at how they might provide accommodation for Pilgrims. If you are planning a walk along the FPW it is well worth contacting churches along the route to see where they might be able to offer welcome and support.

The following churches are on the route or close by and have websites.


Culross to Dunfermline




Dunfermline to Lochore


Lochore to Leslie


Leslie to Kennoway


Kennoway to Ceres


St Andrews


As well as planning to lead day walks in 2024 I have two main events planned for the year, which are:

“Walking in the Kingdom “

To get a true feel of a Pilgrimage I will be leading a five-day pilgrimage along the complete FPW from Culross to St Andrews, 20-25th May. We will be accommodated in churches and church halls, so it will be quite basic, but obviously character building and fun, and to lessen the load each day we will have transport to take our bags to the next overnight stop.

“In the footsteps of Saints-The Big school Pilgrimage Relay”

In June I will be inviting primary schools along the way to walk a few miles with me, before handing over to the next school and so on. This will hopefully give children a chance to learn and participate in a short pilgrimage, learn about its history, as well as enjoying some exercise, the landscape and time out of the classroom.

For further details of these events or any other matter or event involving the FPW that you think I might be able to help you with do contact me by email or follow me on Facebook