North Queensferry to Inverkeithing

Walkers can enjoy panoramic views of the Forth Bridge, Forth Road Bridge and Queensferry Crossing on the North Queensferry to Inverkeithing section. Read more here about the Forth Bridges. Visit North Queensferry’s historic lighthouse and its chapel, which was frequented by pilgrims. Deep Sea World and Carlingnose Wildlife Reserve (SWT) are great places to see marine life and seabirds. And be sure to pause and appreciate the coastal views to the Forth’s islands.

Please note that North Queensferry car park is closed between 6:30 PM and 9 AM.

You can learn more about North Queensferry at Welcome to Fife. And head over to The Story of Fife Pilgrim Kingdom for a more in-depth read about how Queensferry got its name.


The Forth Bridge from North Queensferry