West Lomond Walk

West Lomond is the highest point in Fife. Its cone-shaped summit, which is the remains of a volcanic plug, rises above an escarpment of Carboniferous sandstone and limestone layers.

Today sheep the primary agricultural activity in the Lomond Hills Regional Park. However, evidence of our ancestors is a little harder to spot. Our West Lomond Archaeology Hotspot, shows where to find a Bronze Age burial cist and prehistoric hut circles. While a carved boulder with an Early Christian cross and fish motif, is just a short walk from the main path. While to the south of the path there is evidence of medieval farming enclosures .

Route Information: Wide undulating well surfaced path, with some fairly long steep sections leading to the base of the hill, this takes you to a long steep arduous slope to the summit.

Our Archaeology Hotspot leaflets give an interesting insight walking in the Lomond Hills.

Please be aware that this is a working environment, with sheep and cattle grazing on the hillside. Please access this area responsibly and abide by the Scottish Outdoor Access Code.


West Lomond Hills

West Lomond Hills with Rocks and Stones